Sunday, 4 April 2010

Five Most Handsome Men On Earth

These 5 men are the most handsome men on earth (I know there are more handsome men in other countries); they are Saudi man, Indian actor, Pakistani actor, Turkish singer and Emeriti man. Here are their photos:

Most handsome Turkish man….singer

Grandson of King Fanongisal
Most handsome Saudi man…

Hrithik Roshan
Most handsome Indian actor

Imran Abbas
Most Handsome Pakistani actor

Most handsome Emeriti man


The last one is not beautiful, just ordinary. Unfortunately for him, he looks ridiculous with the clear lip gloss and the mascara.

The Indian guy is okay. Tarkan is gay. And well the last one is okay.

you're the ugly hrithik roshan is the best

this pic of hrithik roshan is not nice.....pls put other pic cuz he his handsome....but the best is the saudi man...!

Saudi man is definitely the best of the lot

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